Event Info  

Event Info ACC - 2017 - Y9 - Klagenfurt - Austria

Federation EPBF
Event Nr 2017140
Edition 3
Name Atlantic Challenge Cup - 2017 - Youth 9-Ball
Venue Sportpark Klagenfurt
City Klagenfurt
Country Austria

Announcement Sa 01-April-2017 00:00
Accreditation Di 04-Juli-2017 00:00
Arrival Mo 03-Juli-2017 00:00
Start Mi 05-Juli-2017 19:30
Final Sa 08-Juli-2017 19:00
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Tournament Flow Chart Race To Accreditation Draw Start Final Time Session Status Match
Under 23 ACC_1_21 6 2017-07-04   --   2017-07-05 19:30 2017-07-08 19:30 02:00
RR = Round Robin, DE = Double Elimination, SE = Single Elimination, XXX = Groupsize

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