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Lechner, Maximilian

Federation EPBF
Fed. ID 1681
Name Maximilian Lechner
Nickname Mad max
Club Pool X-Press Innsbruck
Residence Innsbruck
Date of Birth 1990-05-27
Gender M
Category Men
Playing Cue Predator
Break Cue Predator
Cons. runs 8-ball 8
Cons. runs 9-ball 8
Highest Run 14/1 294
Palmares European Champion Youth 08 8-ball
Runner-up European Championchip Youth 06 8-ball
3rd European Championship Youth 05 8-ball
3 times European Youth Team Champion 04, 07, 08
2 times Austrian Champion men 08 (14,1; 8-ball)
7 times Austian Youth Champion
Ranked nr. 1 in Austria
Winner of the WC qualification in prais 09
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Other Profiles for this player
Federation >Description Player ID
OPBV  National Federation Profile  4812
EPBF  European Championships Profile  907
WPA  World Championships Profile  12643

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